Are dashboards a design failure? Here’s where Jared Spool and I disagree.

A graphic of the Exposure Triangle, showing three sides with Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture. Each one changes the overall exposure of the image in addition to other image qualities.
“The Exposure Triangle comprises aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. These three camera and lens controls work together to regulate the amount of light that makes it to the light-sensitive surface (aperture and shutter speed) and the sensitivity of that surface (film or digital ISO). Not only do those three controls affect the light of a photograph, they also have unique ‘side effects.’ Aperture controls depth of field, shutter speed can blur or freeze action, and ISO can add or subtract film grain or digital noise from an image.” — via B&H




On sabbatical; writing a book (

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I have to agree with the points made in this article.

Is human-centred design thinking still relevant?

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Hans van de Bruggen

Hans van de Bruggen

On sabbatical; writing a book (

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